Odessia Knowles

Odessia (she, her) is originally from New Orleans, Lousiana and made Colorado home in 2016. She has worked in the mental health field providing education, outreach, prevention, advocacy, leadership, mentoring, and therapy since 2004. She knew since the age of 12 that she wanted to become a Licensed Psychologist, and committed her life to making that lifelong dream a reality.

Odessia works from a strengths-based approach, supporting individuals to explore, understand, and/or heal the struggles within themselves and their relationships, while also taking into account broader societal systems. She takes a nonjudgmental stance and works collaboratively to empower individuals and help them move toward their goals.

Previous individuals who have worked with Odessia describe her as a genuine, authentic, funny, brutally honest, "bandaid-ripping" individual. Her style incorporates humor (as appropriate), and pushes individuals outside of their comfort zones, while providing the support needed for those individuals to exist and flourish there.


Odessia earned her Ph.D. in Combined Clinical, Counseling, and School Psychology from Utah State University. Professionally, she is a therapist, a consultant, an advocate, a supervisor, a mentor, a trainer, a life coach, and a volunteer. Personally, she is a perfectly humanly flawed, big-hearted, optimist, who she spends most of her time with her son, Squirmy Wormy!